Platform Integration:

TechTenango helps its clients analyze, choose, and deploy Enterprise Application Integration solutions, configuring them to their specific needs. We help you integrate with People Soft, SAP, Salesforce , and other CRM platforms.

Enterprises large and small have elaborate processes to smooth our ability to weld activities in multiple units into one corporate process. Regardless of where you work or the tools you use, you have to balance the books, keep customers happy, and satisfy auditors. Integration is much more difficult for larger organizations with many human and machine connection points.

Companies are struggling to link all their disparate processes to regain control over the books, manage order fulfillment, leverage purchasing, and improve effectiveness and productivity. This is all within a world of rapid change among customers and in markets, legislation, technology, business processes, and teams. Mergers, acquisitions, and market consolidation further complicate the problem. So, it's no surprise that, for the past two decades, B2B integration methods have become increasingly important for companies seeking greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Integrated Applications