Offshore Development Centers

We at TechTenango make the offshore development cost-effective by choosing right processes, staff and facilities. We have a rich experience and invested heavily in all of these areas to ensure thorough quality exists at all levels.


At TechTenango we are strong proponent of Agile Development.

We have adopted Agile methodology for offshore development. Following are the key principles we follow:

  • Distributed Continuous Integration
  • Swap Program managers between sites
  • Build trust
  • Use wikis
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continous build and integration
  • Standup Meetings
  • Short Iterations
  • Start with Bug Fixing
  • Communication is the key: We always have one onsite team lead to make sure he can communicate the changes to his offshore counterpart.
  • Training: Domain knowledge us a must. We advise our clients to meet and train offshore team for at least 4 weeks to make sure every one is in sync.


Deharadun, India
Chandigarh, India
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Dubai, UAE